Art, Tradition and Science

BilanciaSince the early days, the founders focused on the study and use of plants, their extracts and active principles, in particular on essential oils. The challenge of BeC during these 30 years of activity has been to merge modern scientific research with the natural traditions in a single synergy, capable of creating functional products of unique quality.

BeC has 4 internal research and quality-control laboratories, and has research collaborations with major Italian Universities. All stages of production are carried out in its own fully equipped production facilities. In addition, the company is managed in accordance with an international integrated quality-environmental system, which is certified ISO-9001 and ISO-14001. BeC also received the Q.V. certification (Vegetarian Quality).

BeC currently commercializes over 60 proprietary formulations of wellness and personal care products. Our traditional product line for face-care, anti-age and professional massage was enriched by new product lines: personal hygiene and hair-care, mom-care, baby-care, sun-care, sports massage, man-care and diet supplements. Every formulation is based on vegetable active principles, such as essential oils, vegetable extracts, vitamins, minerals and algae. All formulations are free from dyes and several are free from preservatives. They do not contain animal products or GMOs. Every formulation is tested for the absence of Nickel and other allergens, and to guarantee microbiological purity. All diet supplements are produced under controlled aseptic atmosphere.

Every cosmetic formulation is tested on human volunteers to guarantee efficacy and safety. Indeed our daily goal is to guarantee customers’ satisfaction with effective products able to deliver real results, which are clearly perceived.

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BeC Srl is an Italian, family run company committed to research and development of botanical extract and essential oils for more than 30 years. BeC designs and creates functional products for family wellness.

logo_ondaThis official blog would be a useful tool for information for our special line of unique cosmetics and diet supplements in order to provide you with a full quality service, that spans from technical, scientific and medical guidance to information and training tips about BeC products’ utilization.

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Our staff includes chemists, pharmacists, physicians and wellness consultants. They will be available to give you information and have the chance to write about health, beauty and wellness in more depth. According to everyone’s proper competency, they will promptly reply to your comments in order to satisfy your request.

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This blog represents a discussion and meeting point, along with a daily guidance for   improving your own wellness in harmony with Nature.