Earth Day, a little help for our Planet!

Earth-DayWe are now entering the 46th year of Earth Day, the occasion that constantly attracts the interest of critical and eco-friendly consumption. Several challenging ideas and good actions are on the table to ignite passion and motivate people to action in saving our Planet. In 1970, the year of the first Earth Day, the movement gave voice to an emerging consciousness: channeling human energy toward environmental issues. Forty-six years later, earth day movement continues to lead with groundbreaking ideas and with the power of a simple example: TREES for the EARTH, let’s plant 7.8 billion trees for the Earth! Let’s divest from fossil fuels and make cities 100% renewable. Among principal goals of Earth Day, there is the need to promote a major consciousness in the citizens with respect to purchases and life-style. Hoping that the decision makers will be guided by means of strict criteria of social and economic sustainability.

In our own small way, how can we contribute to the main goal of environmental protection and promote ethic and eco-friendly consumption?  BeC, as a natural cosmetics company, has recently devoted a growing attention toward organic and eco-friendly cosmetics, for this reason we created our organic cosmetics line Terra biocare. Beside having a high amount of ingredients coming from organic farming, the organic cosmetics have low impact on environment during each production process. Indeed, even natural ingredients will not allowed in a certain formulation if they do not guarantee low environmental impact. Such  attention includes packaging materials in the overall supply chain. In eco-friendly cosmetics development, particular attention is paid to the easiness of waste management in the overall supply chain.

On the occasion, we report here an abstract of an interview by CosmesiDoc where we’ve been asked how sustainability issues could be linked to the cosmetic world:

Environmentally conscious consumers address their attention to environmental protection by choosing not only sustainable food but also eco-friendly wellness products. In particular, organic cosmetics are eco-friendly products that represent the harmony between Man and Nature. Our certified organic cosmetic line is directed to everyone who wants to approach a more conscious, ethic and eco-friendly life-style, without sacrificing their efficacy. This very relevant point deserves further attention: if consumers give away their full satisfaction with the efficacy of a certain product, sooner or later they will be disappointed and will change their mind, the will go back looking for something that better meets their actual needs.  It would be a failure! It is important that organic products have good efficacy and fully satisfying performance, in order to be perceived not as a renouncement. The environmentally conscious choice will then be sustainable in the long-term for the consumer… that is really sustainable!

However, BeC commitment to the environment does not deal exclusively with the organic Terra biocare line: since long ago, BeC has been adopting an integrated Quality and Environment Management System, for R&D, production and commercial activities, according to the international standard ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment). The system guarantees the continuous improvement, year by year, of both the performance and the monitoring of environmental impact, prompted by previously achieved results. Among the pursued goals, BeC uses only certified FSC paper as material for secondary packaging of all products. This guarantees the responsible management of forests and the sustainable handling of natural resources.

Environmental protection, ecology and sustainability are the driving forces that have to lead industrial production, from little craft business up to the big industrial firms, wishing more awareness for every actor of the supply chain. Thanks to Earth Day, let’s commit to promoting knowledge and exchange of ideas for an eco-friendly and better future… the Earth will thank us!

Why can’t cosmetics be 100% organic?

100% bio

If the label states a cosmetic product is “organic”, does it mean it is 100% organic? In some cases we read specific percentage values of organic content in the label and we may wonder why is not 100% organic. Let’s clarify the matter: obtaining a cosmetic that is 100% organic is almost impossible, if we exclude simple products like oils and butters. The reason is found on the origin of the ingredients.  For instance, let’s consider water: it is the principal ingredient of many formulations and it can’t be considered organic even though is natural par excellence. Indeed it is not coming from farming so it can’t be certified as organic! For this reason water should not be included in the percentage of organic ingredients in a cosmetic product. Other natural ingredients that are not plant-based ingredients, but obtained by physical extraction from rocks (talc, clay) or by spontaneous collection (silt, algae) have often not been evaluated by any certification body, so they can’t be called organic!

Surfactants, emulsifying and moisturizing agents (technical ingredients used for build and stabilize emulsion) could be of natural origin, eco-friendly and biodegradable, but they can’t be organic. In order to be able to perform their function, they have been modified by man and they are no more strictly plant components (grown with organic farming) obtained only by mean of  physical processes.

The majority of organic cosmetics DOES NOT display the percentage of organic ingredients, but only the “ORGANIC” logo: that does not mean that the products are 100% organic, even if we might automatically believe they are.

All the cosmetic products of our Terra biocare line clearly display on the label the real amount of organic ingredients, expressed as percentage out of total formula. The possibility to verify on the label the real percentage of organics is an asset, with stands for our transparency toward consumers: it helps better understand the real composition of the cosmetic product.

Be careful! Reading on a label the real ORGANIC percentage does not mean the product has less value with respect to products that do not clearly indicate this information. Exactly the opposite is true!

Every product of our  Terra biocare line contains at least 95% of organic ingredients out of total ingredients coming from farming, i.e. with respect to the maximum possible organic content.