Terra biocare: the importance of organic certification

terraecocertMany certification bodies can provide control and certification of cosmetic products (and its ingredients) in order to meet some standard requirements for natural or organic labelling. We have already discussed the differences between the natural and organic concepts, so we now focus on organic the products belonging to our eco-friendly cosmetic line Terra biocare, with was formulated with high content of ingredients of vegetable origin and coming from organic farming. At BeC we have chosen Ecocert Greenlife certification for our organic cosmetics entrusting this independent certification body Ecocert, founded in France more than twenty years ago with the aim to develop and support those agricultural techniques that have full commitment to respect and protection of the environment. The basic principles of Ecocert standards consider that the eco-friendly cosmetics should be made only of ingredients deriving from renewable sources and produced by procedures with a reduced impact on environment. Basic requirements to be met according Ecocert accreditation are the absence of GMO (genetically modified organisms), of synthetic preservatives such as parabens and phenoxyethanol, of synthetic parfums, of nanoparticles, of silicones, of PEG polymers and dyes, along with ingredients from animal origin (other than those naturally derived, like milk, honey etc.). Moreover, packaging materials are required to be biodegradable and recyclable. The ORGANIC COSMETICS label validated by Ecocert on our cosmetic products Terra biocare certifies that they contain at least 95% of ingredients of natural origin, and at least 95% of vegetable ingredients (however not less than 10% of the whole amount) comes from organic farming. All natural and organic ingredients of Terra biocare are obtained by means of simple extraction procedures approved by the certification body, which have minimum impact on the environment.
 The organic certified cosmetic line Terra biocare is dedicated to everyone who wants to approach a more conscious, ethic and eco-friendly life-style, without sacrificing efficacy. Terra biocare, with its fresh and simple personality, is effective but delicate and is ideal for people who want to contribute to minimizing the environmental impact.  Top quality products made for an environmentally and socially responsible life-style, in the  fullest harmony between Man and Nature.

Jefferson Clifford says:

Terra is awesome how they have so many ecocert products. I have only found a few more companies which are so ethical. http://essenceofargan.com/articles/essence-of-argan-is-ecocert/