Why can’t cosmetics be 100% organic?

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If the label states a cosmetic product is “organic”, does it mean it is 100% organic? In some cases we read specific percentage values of organic content in the label and we may wonder why is not 100% organic. Let’s clarify the matter: obtaining a cosmetic that is 100% organic is almost impossible, if we exclude simple products like oils and butters. The reason is found on the origin of the ingredients.  For instance, let’s consider water: it is the principal ingredient of many formulations and it can’t be considered organic even though is natural par excellence. Indeed it is not coming from farming so it can’t be certified as organic! For this reason water should not be included in the percentage of organic ingredients in a cosmetic product. Other natural ingredients that are not plant-based ingredients, but obtained by physical extraction from rocks (talc, clay) or by spontaneous collection (silt, algae) have often not been evaluated by any certification body, so they can’t be called organic!

Surfactants, emulsifying and moisturizing agents (technical ingredients used for build and stabilize emulsion) could be of natural origin, eco-friendly and biodegradable, but they can’t be organic. In order to be able to perform their function, they have been modified by man and they are no more strictly plant components (grown with organic farming) obtained only by mean of  physical processes.

The majority of organic cosmetics DOES NOT display the percentage of organic ingredients, but only the “ORGANIC” logo: that does not mean that the products are 100% organic, even if we might automatically believe they are.

All the cosmetic products of our Terra biocare line clearly display on the label the real amount of organic ingredients, expressed as percentage out of total formula. The possibility to verify on the label the real percentage of organics is an asset, with stands for our transparency toward consumers: it helps better understand the real composition of the cosmetic product.

Be careful! Reading on a label the real ORGANIC percentage does not mean the product has less value with respect to products that do not clearly indicate this information. Exactly the opposite is true!

Every product of our  Terra biocare line contains at least 95% of organic ingredients out of total ingredients coming from farming, i.e. with respect to the maximum possible organic content.